About Us

Micron Fiber-Tech (MFT) began operations in 1999, manufacturing only metal fiber material.  Over the years MFT has continuously acquired new expertise and now has the capability to manufacture burners and complete burner packages.

The key advantage of MFT lies in the proprietary metal fiber technology. Control of the metal fiber production supports constant refinement and innovation that lets MFT to maneuver faster than the competition.  New products and applications are always in development as R&D is a fundamental element of MFT.

In addition MFT offers quick and flexible production while maintaining the highest quality metal fiber products in the world.


  • Only North American manufacturer of metal fiber material
  • The largest low NOx metal fiber burners in the world, up to 100 MMBtu/hour (29.4 MW) in heat.
  • Over 20 years of experience in the burner combustion field
  • UL508a panel shop certified