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MFT manufactures gas fired infrared and low NOx burners for use in industrial and commercial applications.

We have over 20 years of project experience in low NOx combustion and are always improving our quality and knowledge.

All burners use our proprietary metal fiber technology, giving us full customization capability to tailor our burners to work in any configuration.

Blue Flame Burners

  • Less than 5ppm NOx emissions

  • High turndown ratio up to 25:1

  • Low CO emissions

  • Easy retrofit for old, high NOx burners

  • Custom sizes and shapes

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Infrared Burners

  • Instant heating and cooldown

  • Low CO emissions

  • Efficient gas consumption

  • Metal fiber doubles infrared output vs ceramic tiles

  • Custom sizes and shapes

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Inshot Burner Strip

January 15th, 2020|

MFT is developing a very cost effective solution for inshot burner applications.  A single metal fiber mat can replace an entire line of inshot burners.

IWFC burner with Honeywell SV2 Safety Shut-off Valve

January 15th, 2020|

MFT is currently working on another gas train option for the IWFC burner.  A single SV2 Series valve performs the functions of five separate components making it a very compact and simple system to work with. https://combustion.honeywell.com/sv2#home  

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